Custom Cribbage Boards
That are Handcrafted
by Minnesota Mitch 

 Custom cribbage boards that are Incredible they last and last. Why wait, order yours today! You can view our Custom Cribbage Boards here or contact us if you have a question or just want to chat with me.

Christmas Orders must be placed BEFORE December 19. 2016

I'm the sole designer and owner of something new and exciting for cribbage fans of all ages. Each cribbage board is hand made by me. They are truly a work of art and a labor of love. All the boards are loaded with custom ideas for storage and are made of incredible wood grains and inlays.
cribbage boards
Through my 25 plus years of playing the game of cribbage from Minnesota to Maine, I've never found a peg that was easy to use and enhanced the game. The plastic pegs never seemed to fit the game. What I've finally came up with is a peg that is all class and a beautiful handcrafted board to go with it. My pegs are made of solid brass. They are 1 3/8" long and 5/16" in diameter. A special groove in the peg is what makes this design so unique. As you move up and down the board, they are easy to see and grip. As for storing the pegs, there is a compartment that is at the end of thecribbage pegs board and capped with an easy to grip solid brass cap. As far as finding a deck of cards to play with, not to worry!

On the back side of the board is yet another compartment I've made to store your deck of cards. To hold your deck of cards in place, is yet another piece of brass that Cards holderslides smoothly in a grooved track. So, whether you want to play at home or travel to a friend's house for a game - all you have to do is grab the black velvet bag. Ooops, about the bag. The cribbage board arrives in a black velvet drawstring bag. The attractive bag protects the board when it's not in use and makes it easy for traveling. You'll always know that the pegs and the cards are all self contained inside the cribbage board and the board is protected inside the bag.Enjoy browsing my latest selection of my hand made cribbage boards. For a very personal touch, I can add a brass engraving plate onto the board engraved with your own sentiments.

The base woods that I use are Hard Maple, Red Oak, White Oak, Walnut, Bubinga, Jatoba, Padauk and Purple Heart. The inlays are from Bocote, Cocobolo, Holly and Wenge All of them are finished with a clear finish to bring out the beauty of the natural wood grain. The Exotic boards all have incredible wood inlays with burls and fabulous wood grains and are guaranteed that no two will be alike. The photos here do not show as much of the detail as seeing the real thing. You will just have to take my word until yours arrives. If not satisfied, just return it for a full refund with no hassle. What a great wood gift for that someone special. bottom of cribbage board

If you're a cribbage fan, you won't find anything else that has this unique style and craftsmanship. It will last a lifetime and then some.

Out of Stock You Say

Sorry for the low status of my inventory. I am in the process of a new shop up North and it is taking longer than expected. I expect to be back and running with the new shop in the spring. I still have a few in stock as of now. We will take your order for future delivery of the out of stock items too!

Or if you would like to be placed on the waiting list for a certain board, just drop me an email and tell me the one you want.
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